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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products/services does Covenant Woodworks offer that are not typical of factory cabinet resellers?
A: We are fully involved throughout the entire process from design to installation. We want to offer more than cabinets hung on a wall.  Our experience and creativity allow us to offer an infinite number of options and customizations that will give you exactly what you need.  From the initial design and layout to the installation of the final pieces of trim and hardware, we offer unrivaled design, project management, and quality control.

Q: Are custom cabinets beyond my price range?
We find that our cabinets are consistently priced equal to or even below medium and upper end factory cabinets.

Q: Are factory finishes better than Covenant Woodworks' custom finishes?
No. Baked-on finishes are designed for high volume products. Factory cabinets are mass produced and the heat finishing process must be applied to maximize production, not quality. Our custom lacquer and stain finishes allow for an infinite choice of colors, glazes and finish effects. They are often superior to and longer lasting than the standard factory finishes on the market.

Q: What makes your cabinet construction superior to others?
All of our cabinets and products are built using solid wood and/or MDF materials machined to the exact specifications required to fit in your space. Since we are not limited to specific sizes, we can create whatever is needed to optimize your environment. Using CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment and our expertise in hand made manufacturing we are able to produce stronger, longer lasting pieces.

Q: Does Covenant Woodworks use sub-contractors for the installation of the final product?
A: No. All of our cabinetry is delivered and installed by our employees. This ensures that the utmost care is taken to complete every detail of your project to our exacting standards.

Q: Do custom cabinets require a longer lead time than cabinets purchased from a factory cabinet reseller?
A: No. Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks. This can be significantly less then box resellers which sometimes take up to 16 weeks.

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